01. What is rare digital art?

Digital art is any creation that can be converted to a computer file.  Images, sound, videos and code are all included.

The R.A.R.E. Network makes digital art permanent and scarce.  Digital art is uploaded to the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System); the IPFS hash is embedded within an Ethereum smart contract; and the smart contract mints cryptographic Art Tokens, which each represent ownership of 1 print of the rare digital art.

02. What is the purpose of RARE Token?

RARE Token has three purposes within the R.A.R.E. Network:

  • A RARE Token deposit is made to register an artwork with The Certified R.A.R.E. Registry.  Individuals can challenge a work, and are rewarded in RARE Token for identifying fraud and spam.  Holders of RARE Token make the final vote.
  • Artists can proposition RARE Token to gallerists for inclusion of a specific work.  This promotes the artist and the artwork.
  • Collectors can buy and trade R.A.R.E. Art with RARE Token. All sale contracts in the R.A.R.E. Network accept RARE Token, whether for auctions or fixed-price sales.
03. What does it mean to own an Art Token?

One or many Art Tokens are issued for every work released on the R.A.R.E. Network. The number of Art Tokens issued is the artist's decision.

Art Tokens are like a numbered print of the artist's work.  One can verify the total supply and the owners by examining the Ethereum blockchain.  Artists may choose to offer experiences or privileges to collectors of their Art Tokens.

04. I'm an artist.  How can I begin selling my digital art files?

Artists can issue Art Tokens for their digital art files with any R.A.R.E. Auctioneer.  Rare Art Labs is building the first R.A.R.E. Auctioneer and will provide early access and elevated support to R.A.R.E. Preferred Artists.  Apply here to become a R.A.R.E. Preferred Artist.

05. What if someone steals my original artwork and sells it through an auctioneer?

This is why we designed the R.A.R.E. Registry, which stores a canonical list of all certified R.A.R.E. Assets. Artists must make a RARE Token deposit to submit a work to The Registry.

Any individual, including another artist, can challenge the authenticity or artistic value of a submitted work.  RARE Token holders vote on the challenge.  If the challengers are victorious, they are awarded the initial deposit and the condemned work is removed from The Registry.

06. How can I earn RARE Token for identifying fraud and spam on the R.A.R.E. Network?

Rare Art Labs is currently designing an interface for the R.A.R.E. Registry.  This will allow any individual to challenge frauds or content that he believes is spam in the eyes of the RARE Token-holder community. Delegates elected by RARE Token-holders make the final vote.

To initiate a challenge, the challenger needs to stake RARE Token.  When successful, the challenger is paid the artist's deposit and has his stake returned.  When unsuccessful, the challenger loses his RARE Token stake.

07. I own a digital art file that was publicly released in a different capacity.  Can I sell it on the R.A.R.E. Network?

Certainly, as long as you own the digital art file.

If you try to sell the same digital art file on the R.A.R.E. Network twice, you put yourself at the mercy of the R.A.R.E. Registry. If Registry stakeholders deem you are willfully reducing scarcity of the first edition sale, a challenge will likely result in the loss of your second deposit.

08. What are the benefits of R.A.R.E. Preferred Artist status?  How can I apply?

Rare Art Labs is soliciting applications from artists.  We are building the first R.A.R.E. Auctioneer and will provide early access and elevated support to R.A.R.E. Preferred Artists.  Apply here to become a R.A.R.E. Preferred Artist.

09. I'd like to build one of the first galleries for R.A.R.E. Art.  How can I do this?

Rare Art Labs is in the early development of gallery software.  If you're willing to collaborate and give feedback to our product team, please email us at

10. Who and where is Rare Art Labs?

Rare Art Labs is a team of creatives and technologists based in Richmond, Virginia.  Check out our full team here.

Do you support our mission to increase the total artistic output of mankind?  Send us your CV and a brief intro:

11. Can I hold RARE Token and Art Tokens in my Metamask or MEW wallets?

Yes!  RARE Token is ERC-20 compliant and Art Tokens are ERC-20 extended.
Both types of tokens can be stored, sent, and traded in popular Ethereum wallets such as Metamask and MEW (My Ether Wallet).

12. How can I buy RARE Token?

We have no announcements to share just yet....Stay up to speed with email updates by joining the waitlist here!